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Sep 11, 2018
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Mar 20, 2018
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Jan 11, 2018
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Everyone knows engineers can’t write! I is an engineeer, but…
Why such a stupid domain name The personal blog of Steve Alex

Yea, we're going to try this writing thing one more time!

You can go to other places on this site to see why I don't like to write - but I need to document some stuff, even if it's just for me. This is about the 5th iteration of something published with this domain. Can't remember all of them, but I've gone from roll your own to Jekyll then Octopress and now back to Jekyll.

I call myself a RetiredGeek in that I've been dealing with Logic/Code almost my entire adult life (Thats over 50 years!). I really don't have to do it anymore, but… My current life revolves around four intertwined areas listed below. What intertwines them is that most of them deal with Logic and Code. That results in posts in the categories in the top or right menu bars.

You do have to do some stuff around the house. Didn't collect a half garage full of tools and toys for nothing. I have the Money Pit to deal with and my 25 year old RX7. Then there's Wife, Kids and Grandkids.
Yes I play golf whenever I can. But then I've been managing golf group scores for about 30 years. Guess what I'm still doing? Think I'm on the 7th iteration of my web based management system.
You're always told not to volunteer for anything. I did and now I run VFW Post 8600. I also enjoy cooking so it's off to the Way of the Cross Soup Kitchen a few time a month. This also includes a few web sites

Politics, Religion and other stuff that will get you in trouble if you're not careful (I'm not!).

Don't think I have any code or web sites in this area! But then most sites came from thinking.

I'm going to consentrate on the Rails work I've done in these areas over the last few years in this iteration. Then maybe I won't do anything - I don't have to!