To remind myself that some mistakes you make in your life are very difficult to overcome. One of my mistakes was getting pissed off at a 5th grade teacher that was trying to help me improve my writing/English. I refused to accept the help and my stubbornness led to poor communication skills. I don’t blame her, but 50 years later I realize that no matter how good you are at doing other things, if you don’t have good communications skills – you can only go so far. I have lost numerous opportunities because of that mistake.

I thought putting up a blog would help me practice writing but in past attempts I never got past the first few pages! I’ve been through about 4 major attempts at this blog. I waste most of my time on the technical aspects of the blog versus the English, but I keep trying. I’ve kept the domain name just in case I needed to write something and had to explain my Pittsburghese. I call it a personal blog because its really for me - someplace I can write down my thoughts or accomplishments.

I should point out that the blackness has a purpose. I’m from Pittsburgh and a big Steeler fan (black and gold). I also graduated from Arizona State University (maroon and gold). That is why the site has shades of black, gold and maroon.

Be forewarned – if you are one of those who gets upset with English mistakes, I could raise your blood pressure!