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Everyone knows engineers can’t write! I is an engineeer, but…
Why such a stupid domain name The personal blog of Steve Alex

Over the years I had put up a number of sites embedded in I Wish I Could Write or All of the sites served a special purpose for some event or topic that I put up to share with the family.

Most of the sites were produced from iPhoto or what used to be iWeb. So I don’t loose them, I’ll include them here. Your welcome to look, but except to the family I don’t think they’ll be very interesting.

Wanda's 90th Birthday party

On June 8th, 2013 we had a birthday celebration for Wanda Hrobak (my mother). I had put up a few pictures right after, but I received many others and have updated the pictures. I've added an Attendee List (with a link to a picture) and added names of those who are in the picture. There are some duplicates, but decided to include most pictures. It seems that the stunning willow tree got quite a few clicks!

A web page for Laura

When I was about 18 I discovered that I had a half sister Laura (actually two). I visited her a few times in the 60's but lost contact with her (and my father, grandmother and that side of the family). A few years ago, through the magic of the web I found her again. We had a brief conversation and I set up a few pages to share some photos. Not sure she ever visited the pages.