As hard as I try, I still have a hard time writing things down, in correct English.

I started I Wish I Could Write almost three years ago using Jekyll. A ruby program that takes your configuration and source (markdown, textile, html) and creates a static site.

I did okay for a while, at the start, but then I lost interest - who’s going to read it anyhow, except me.

I found a new tool Octopress, which sits on top of Jeykll and makes it easier to manage and deploy the site. I wanted to write a new blog for the soup kitchen I volunteer at a couple days a week. I put that up in a couple days (mainly writing recipes). I got a new domain and stuck the soup kitchen there, at least for a while.

I also threw up the another blog that I though I’d replace I Wish I Could Write with, at least for technical stuff. After getting it up - I changed may mind! I customized the Octopress configuration a little and got close to the theme I had used, with a little less blackness.

Octopress also uses compass for css (scss) and it is kickass powerful, not sure I’ll ever understand it, but you don’t have to. There are a few places where you can put in custom styles and overwrite some of the major areas - really all you need.

I’m going to deploy this one day after I started. That includes coping over most of the old posts and converting a few from ultraviolet to pygmnts.

Now I just have to see if I feel like writing about anything.