I hate html

Actually I hate anything with opening and closing tags - html, javascript, C. Guess I'm an Outline person. Seems to be much easier for me to use tabs to control the nesting than tags.

I've been workig with Rails for over 10 years and most of that has been using Slim. Jekyll has forced me go back to html, at least until I found a jekyll-slim gem that almost works. I've only been playing with it for a little while and it work well for posts, but running into a little problem with including a .slim includes.

Not sure of the exact problem. In a post liquid seems to work fine, but if you include some slim file, the slim template errors out on any liquid code. I've got enough working to be usefull. Just wanted a few pages that needed more than markdown and got me away from HTML.

Spend way too much time but got a basic include to work. The include .slim file must prepend liquid tags with a '|'. I'm happy for now, but have not tried anything real complicated.