What a nice view.

It is just too bad that when I turn arround around I see the money pit!

It still does not look bad, but…

I though I had this all figured out

  • 22 Years in the Air Force (pension)
  • Several years as a Software Consultant
  • 20 Years working for the State of Alabama (pension)
  • 65 Years old (SS)
  • A nice house in Montgomery AL (paid for)
  • Very little debt
  • Golf game actually getting better.

But no, the kids say “You should buy a lake house so we can come and visit”

So we go buy a 3300 square foot house on a slew off the Coossa river in Gadsden Alabama. The house seems like it has less room than our 2200 square foot house in Montgomery (yea I need a 12×28 dinning room when King Arthur and his court come to visit!). We moved in about a year ago after about 8 months of trying to fix it up = no golf:-(

Do you realize that almost everything that needs to be done costs about $7,000! Fine if I could sell the house in Montgomery. Yea you can try to blame it on Bush, and you’d be right – for him letting Dodd and Frank destroy our economy.

  • New roof = $7,000
  • New kitchen = $7,000
  • New window = $7,000
  • New floor = $7,000
  • New heat pump = $7,000
  • New ducting = $2,000 (there are exceptions!)
  • New carpet = $3,000

I’ve managed to do half the windows and some of the flooring. I am at a standstill and bored cutting 2 acres of grass (Oh yea, 5k for a new lawn mower!).

It was 96 degrees here yesterday. Last July I had a $480 electric bill and it was hot in the house. After R38 in the attic, half of the windows, new vents, etc, the AC couldn’t keep the house at 76 – it crept up to 78. I’ll probably get another high electric bill.

Again, not sure where I’ll go with this post – we’ll just have to wait and see. There is some hope, we may have rented the house in Montgomery – never did that before, but I’ve heard the horror stories.