I hurt my back
About a month and a half ago, I was tired from working on a money pit project, but I needed to cut the grass. When I pulled the mower out I saw that I had a front flat tire. I’ve been going through this since I bought this thing last year. My little air compressor does not have enough CFM volume to inflate a tubeless tire sitting on the ground. I tried to do what I’ce done several times in the last year - Pick up the front of the mower and put it on a block so that I could get the air compressor to work.

Now why, at 65, do I think I can do anything is beyond me. I guess it is just stubbornness! I knew I did something, but didn’t know what, thinking I’ll just worked through it. Drove to Birmingham the next day and could hardly get out of the car. This ,when I was supposed to drive to Pittsburgh the next day. After a few days, we started out and made it to Pittsburgh with relative ease. I felt it was getting better and the trip back, about a week later, was even easier.

I thought I escaped another prognosis that could have been bad. Then it started a new trend. After laying and sitting for a period, no longer the back ache when I got up, the left hip started to stop functioning for about the first 10 minutes.

My wife convinces me to go see a Quack - okay Chiropractor. After some xrays, interview, an adjustments and $200 because they don’t deduct the medicare - they send it to the Government! It felt okay, but didn’t seem to do anything. About a week later the hip problem seemed to change a little with a differnt kind of ache. I went back to the Chiropractor and it did some other adjustments and now my tendons behind my knee ache!

I think they call it sciatic nerve problems, but then it could be referred pain from probably arthritis in the hip.

Now this all sucks. Spending too much time on the MacBook instead of the money pit. I waited about 5 weeks before I tried golf. I did okay, but a couple days later the aches moved again.

Guess it is time to go to a real doctor - that’s if I can find one that does not vision a Soylent Green world coming.