It only took me about 12 years!

Back in 1991/92 I was going through my mid-life crisis – approaching 50. I decided that I needed a red convertible to ease the crisis. I spend most of my youth car poor – bought too many cars too fast and was always in debt. By 1992 I had grown up and was keeping cars for more than 4 years (and paying them off). My poor 1986 Tunderbird Turbo coupe was riddled with hail damage and it was time for a change. I decided on a car I’d been looking at for years, a red 1991 RX7 Vert.

This is just an intro so here is a brief history.

  • Drove RX7 as primary car for about 9 years.
  • The roof was leaking
  • I was working my ass off and didn’t have time to fix stuff
  • Approaching 60 it was getting harder to “crawl” in and out of the RX7

Decided I needed a change, but would keep the car for my grandson, who was only about 4 at the time.

I parked the car and drove it occasionally, but the battery would go dead, the roof was still a problem, etc. Then 6 years went by with it parked on the side of the house with a cover on it. I spend a little cash and got it running, but there were problems and I still didn’t have time to deal with them – covered and parked it again. Then another 6 years went by and the car was getting worse – I couldn’t get it to start. I towed it to the money pit when we moved. Tried to work on it last year I but seemed to be over my head. I knew I needed a new gas tank and on June 9th, 2012 it arrived and I started working on it. Took a couple days to get it running. Took about a month to fix some of the problems.

This is just a couple pictures and I’ll go back in history and describe the RX7 restoration project later.

The back:

The side:

The front:

The day it came alive video (Jun 9, 2012):

Had to do something since I am no longer coding and the kitchen (and most money pit projects) are complete.