This is old news, but all hope is not lost - there is a chance for resurrection.

After getting it working in June, I had several problems I had to fix that I just touched on in the alive post.

  • Several computers had corrosion, bad solder joint problems.
    • The body CPU ended up what gave me problems years ago. It came down to the anti-theft system indicated a break-in and it would not start. Took a little while but I bypassed the circuit and stepped around it.
  • The power steering CPU indicated problems, but it stopped after a few days.
  • The rear brake calipers were shot, replaced them.
  • The clutch hydraulic system had problems. Replaced the master cylinder.
  • I had the body CPU bad solder joints repaired by a TV repairman (who else knows how to solder anymore?)
    • That fixed a few thing, but not the theft cutout. Bought a new CPU an fixed all the minor problems.

After those problems were fixed, I got a new set of tires and started driving it a couple times a week with no problem. It still had the getup and go I remembered. I was ready to get a new top and have it painted and enjoy it while I could. With the problems and the age, let alone insurance costs, it was not a good choice for my grandson.

James, my son, came down for a visit and we took it for a spin - time to show it off. About a mile down the road the power steering computer started giving off warning beeps. We went a few miles down the road then came back, still beeping. Said I have to look up the problem later. Parked it for a few days and was going to take it some where, but the beeps started as soon as I put the key in. About a week later I tried it again and no beeps - but it would not start. Cranked and cranked, but would not start.

Spent about a week trying to figure out what could have gone wrong, bad engine CPU, relay etc. Changed plugs, no joy. Somewhere in the trouble shooting chart it said to check compression.


I had zero compression in the front rotor. Checked, double checked. It went from working fine to nothing. It appears that I lost an apex seal on the front rotor, and the rear rotor compression reading was not that good of a reading. The apex seal is about the same as a piston ring on a piston car. This was not quick or easy fix. This happened sometime in September.

I did some research and I probably would have to have engine overhauled. About $1500 by myself or $2500 to send it off. With winter approachingvand no room in the garage, I decided to wait until spring.

Spring is getting close, so after Jesus arises this Sunday for the 2000+ time, and I get back from PA, I’ll see if I can remove the engine.

It was a sad day when it happened.