Like many who retire, you find out that you miss work. Not everything about it, but some things.

In my case, I loved coding. I was not great at it, but I’ve spent almost my entire working life trying to change things that controlled me work better. Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I failed. I’ve been trying to use computers to make something better since the early 70’s. I sometimes felt that I had visions on how to fix things, or at least make them better, that most people never thought about. Sometimes I sold those ideas, other times I had to give up. I’ve even had some stupid ideas!

Back in December I was a little bored and decided to refresh my memory on coding. I’ve always used past projects to learn new stuff. Ruby on Rail (RoR), what was pushed on me as our solution of getting off of 4D was something I played with even before I retired. For the umpteenth time I rewrote my site to take advantage of new releases. I then decided to try a few ideas I had about fixing the crap I wrote for AIDT. I call it crap, but it was just a nudge to get AIDT thinking about doing things differently.

It started with just a few simple things, but then turned into about a two month thought process that tried to improve, or at least present plans/options for improving what has been adopted. I cringe every time I think about the on-line application system I wrote as a prototype still being used. I had drastically improved that shortly after I retired, in both 4D and RoR - but there was no real reason to change - don’t fix what’s not broken.

In my mind, (which is probably smaller than I think it is!) my prototype did some neat things. I tried to bridge the gap between different types of projects and other stuff AIDT has been doing that does not fit traditional projects. I solicited feedback and got a little, but it appears that plates are full and don’t fix what’s not broken is alive and well.

Spring is coming and I have a dead RX7, grass to cut, and I may even go back to golf. I do miss golf and it has been almost 4 years since I’ve had the passion.

The demo is still out there, but it is time to give up on my latest nudge attempts.