Have I been successful? Sure, but it could have been better.

I’ve often described myself as a change agent. In almost every job I’ve ever had, someone gave me a task and while I learned how to do that task, it usually concluded that “There has to be a better way to do this”. I’ve spent much of my life trying to improve a task or process for someone else. Maybe I should of worked on improving ME, because, while I had successes, I rarely made it to where I thought it should have gone.

This probably goes back to my poor communication skills, but CHANGE IS HARD and most people don’t want to change.

I though I’d write a book about it(ha ha), but then maybe just a few posts on efforts that I felt should have been taken the next step.

Maybe an outline on how I got here.

  • Childhood
    • School
    • Interests
  • Air Force - Mechanic
    • Tech School
    • Field Maintenance
    • Shemya
    • Brief exit
    • F4’s
  • College
    • Victory Valley and Mesa
    • ASU
  • Air Force - Navigator